Past... Present... Passion

No one arrives here without a past. The past is always where it begins. With respect to photography, to shoot, process, and print in black and white was very special to me and that feeling has not changed. What has changed is the equipment, the venue and the desire to be even more creative. There are currently so many ways to arrive at your black and white destination that you may get lost along the way. However, when you do finally climb that last hill, there is no thrill greater than seeing your silver thought become a reality in that developing tray. An exceptional thought transformed to hard copy which you can share, unchanged forever, is truly the “art” of communication.

Welcome to my passion.

Torchlight Studios: A Venue for Black and White Photography

Torchlight Studios is a black and white photography studio specializing in the artistic portrayal of still life and the abstract. Torchlight Studios prides itself in being open minded and versatile in its approach to uncategorized impressionism — harmony through diversity... art, as life, should have no boundaries.

Welcome to Torchlight Studios.